Uploading a file to and Sharing it.
This is useful when a file is too large to email but you need to share it and don't want others to have access to your other files.

First you must have a account. If you dont, create one for free at

Next, Log into your account

1)Create a new folder to put the shared document into by click on New Folder

2) Type in a name and press Enter

3) Click on the new folder to go into it

4) Click on the UPLOAD Button


6) Browse to the file you want to upload it and click OPEN to send it. Click ADD MORE FILES if there are additional files you want to upload. Click DONE when completed

7) Click on the SHARE link

8) You can now add email addresses and a message to the people you want to share the file with then click SEND

9) After sending the link you will be brought to the page with the shared file. You can then click on the Address bar in your browser and copy the link to send manually to someone if you wish.