No Sound

When you have no sound on your PC, try these common solutions:

1) Speakers are powered on
2) Speaker volume is turned up
3) Speakers are connected to the GREEN jack on the PC
4) Volume in Windows is turned up. Click the speaker icon by the clock in the lower right corner of the screen and then raise up that volume all the way.
5) Go to a site such as and play a video from there to test the sound.
6) Finally, try different speakers or headphones.

1) If using external speakers plugged into the computer, check the items above
2) Most laptops use Function or FN keys to control volume.
   On Your keyboard above teh F-keys on top you will see symbols for things like brightness and sound
  a) Try pressing the one for volume up
  b) Try Holding the FN key on your keyboard and pressing the one for volume up
     (yours may be on a different key than what is show in this picture)
    Image result for laptop volume

If all this fails it may be a software issue or defective sound board in your computer.