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Support: Can not connect to the internet anywhere on the network 

There are 3 pieces of hardware on your network that can affect you not having internet access.
1) You have a modem. This is a device usually provided to you by your cable or phone company to give you internet access. There are many different types and brands. Usually they will have a power light, ONLINE light, etc. If you know what lights are normally lit on your device and they are not, this is a sign that the cause of the problem is with your internet provider.

2) You usually will have a Router. This is the device that splits your internet signal so that multiple computers can use it. It usually also provides the WiFi for your internet. In Some cases like with Verizon FiOS it may be build into the modem.


3) Depending on how many computer you have, you may have a switch(hub) which just provides more ports to connect more systems to your network.


First thing to do is reboot this in the proper order.

1) UNPLUG power to the Modem, Router and Switch (or which every ones you have)

2) Plug the power in for the MODEM, wait at least a minutes until all the lights come back on to the way they should be. If you don't know which ones should be on/off/flashing then give it 3 minutes as it will be properly reset by then if its working.

3) Plug the power in for the ROUTER. Same rule for waiting. Give it 3 minutes if your unsure.

4) Plug any switches you might have back in. These only take 10 seconds to start up.


Reboot your computers and try your internet connection again.


If it still does not work, repeat the process again. After a few attempts if its not working, Contact your Internet provider to have them check the connection from their end. If they say its working then contact Computer Solutions or your IT department to troubleshoot further