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Support: My Computer is slow. What do i do?

Most computers are slow because there is too much software loading up when it starts.
Often there are unnecessary drivers and programs loaded. You may use Adobe Acrobat, but you don't need it loading every time you start the computer for it to work. You may use iTunes but you don't need it loading ever time you star the computer.
Unfortunately it is not easy to describe how to remove unwanted software from starting as any mistakes in this area can cause important programs to stop working as well.
One thing you can do is check to see if a program has the option to tell it Not To Load At Startup.
If you move your mouse over the icons by the clock in the bottom right of the screen, you will see some of the programs that are loading up. If you see AOL Instant Messenger but don't use it all the time. Open it, Go to the PREFERENCES or OPTIONS area and turn off the auto load at startup feature. You can still use it at any time by clicking START then AOL IM. but it wont be running, slowing down your computer the moment you turn it on.
Also you can go to START then CONTROL PANEL than ADD/REMOVE and a list of installed programs will come up. You can click on them one at a time and click ADD/REMOVE to remove them from the computer.
*IMPORTANT! If you are not absolutely sure what something is, DO NOT Remove it as it may be a important part of windows and disable your computer.

Normally the only solution to a slow computer is
1. Have a professional such as Computer Solutions do a cleanup of Windows to see if that solves the issue.
2. Reformat the computer erasing everyone on it and making it like new. Your data can be backed up first so nothing is lost.
3. If its a old computer, its probably time to upgrade.