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P: 845-689-9076
F: 845-228-8171


Setting up your Computer Solutions email is easy!

If you just want the settings and know how to do it yourself, they are shown below.

Or you can watch the tutorial videos below.

If you have any questions, contact us here.

Settings to add your email account:

 Login/Username : your email address
Incoming Pop Server :    Port 995   SSL On
Outgoing SMTP Server:    Port 465   SSL On 
                                    (Some servers like google may require
Send Authentication should be ON



Outlook Email Setup Setup

iPhone New Setup

Android New Setup


IMAP Settings
( While we do not recommend using IMAP as you account may fill up quickly and you will have to purchase more server storage space, we do provide the settings if you wish to use this option)

Incoming Server
Incoming Port 993
Encryption Method SSL/TLS
Outgoing Server
Outgoing Port 465
Encryption Method SSl/TLS