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Support: How do i burn data to a CD or DVD to back it up?

New computer and CD/DVD drives come with software that allows you to burn any data to dics.
Check which one you have by clicking START then PROGRAMS and looking for it. Some of the most popular ones are AHEAD NERO, NTI CD/DVD MAKER and ROXIO but you may have a different one. You can find a free alternative in our Downloads Section
While they may look different, they all work the same way.
If you wanted to backup documents from your MY DOCUMENTS folder on your computer...
1) Load the program and put a blank disc in the drive.
2) Look for DATA or DATA DISC
-You may be required to choose CD or DVD first
3) Choose CD or DVD if you have not already
4) You are either given two windows. One empty (the CD or DVD) and one that shows your hard drive.
5) Find the files you want and drag them over to the empty window then find the BURN CD button to start
6) If you are not given two windows then there will be an ADD button, Click this and follow the prompts to add the files you want onto the CD/DVD.
7) Click the BURN CD (or similar) Button.
1) Insert the original CD/DVD in the drive.
2) Load the program and click COPY CD/DVD
3) It will read the entire disc then prompt you to insert the blank. Insert it and click CONTINUE/OK to write the information to the drive.
Understanding the different discs:
CD-R Recordable CD's Used for Data or Music. Holds 700 megabytes
Used for all Music CD's and for small data projects 
Once data is written to CD-R is permanent and the CD is no longer useable
No need for name brands, buy the least expensive ones.
CD-RW Re-Writable for Data. Holds 700 Megabytes
More Expensive than CD-R, not as reliable since data can be erased. Not recommended for normal use.
DVD +R or DVD -R
Can Hold 4700 Megabytes. That's almost 7 CD's!
For holding Data, the + (plus) or Dash (-) are the same and does not matter which one you use. If your buying them to make DVD movies then your CD player connected to your TV must support which one you get. Most DVD players dont say on them which they support. They often only say it on the box or in the manual. So if planning to buy a new DVD player, make sure it supports both.
But the least expensive ones, name brands wont do anything different except cost more.